What is TOK?

Area of Knowledge 1 –  Human Sciences

  1. Nature of the Human Sciences
  2. Human Sciences: Methods of gaining knowledge
    Qualitative v Quantitative research | Yes Minister on surveys
  3. Human Sciences and Knowledge claims
    The Nacirema | The Sokal Hoax
    The Milgram experiment
    The Stanford Prison Experiment
    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    The Post Crash Economics Society
  4. Human Sciences and values
  5. Taboos
    – What taboos exist now that were fine in the past? What is accepted now that was previously taboo?
  6. Prejudice and bias
  7. Generalisations

Area of Knowledge 2 – Natural Sciences

  1. Two Body interactions, a longitudinal study

Area of Knowledge 3 – Ethics
Area of Knowledge 4 – History

  1. The Nature of History
  2. History: Methods of Gaining Knowledge
  3. History & knowledge claims
  4. History & Values
    The Onion on uses of History

Area of Knowledge 5 – The Arts
Area of Knowledge 6 – Mathematics


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