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My students seem to have become obsessed with tumblr as a means of blogging. In some ways I’m pleased about this as it means they are contributing and getting online, but tumblr does seem to have reduced the possibilities of sharing written thoughts and replaced it with just the reblogging of pictures. While that might be a problem for them it actually made for a simple decision for me. In my teaching I come across huge number of great images across the disciplines, particularly great history material and usually I tweet these and they disappear into the ether, now I’ve set up my own tumblr, and installed the excellent ‘Post to Tumblr’ extension in chrome meaning as soon as I come across a useful image it can be posted to my tumblr with one click and have appropriate tags put on it, both course tags eg. #gcse or even ones that I think would make interesting starter images. The ease and speed with which this can be done means that I can call things up quickly in a lesson, share with others and take things with me when I leave my current school. And my favourite current picture? This one of Vladimir Putin, disguised as a humble tourist during Reagan’s visit to Moscow.



Time magazines websites and blogs of 2009

I usually check this as soon as it comes out and update my bookmarks accordingly, then, later in the year, remember something hazily and spend ages trying to track it down via the Time website. It strikes me it might be easier to just post them up for the benefit of readers of this blog and myself.

50 Best Websites and 25 Best Blogs for 02009.


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