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10 Things that Learners pay attention to

10 Things that Learners pay attention to

I know this intuitively but it’s the first time I have seen it spelled out so obviously. Would make an excellent basis on which to pick and mix activities for lesson planning but also I can see a huge amount of potential as the basis for assemblies, for tutor time and for presentations.


The Power of ‘I don’t know’

The Power of ‘I don’t know’ in the classroom

I love this poster created by @rebezuniga from a blog post by @tweenteacher . It crystallises many of my thoughts about the direction of teaching with the teacher acting as the curator of knowledge rather than the owner, able to direct students to sources of information and give them skills to interpret it. In this climate ‘I don’t know’ becomes a badge of honour and a route to shared knowledge (as the IB would have it).


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