App Review: OCR (not the exam board)

For those of us that still have photocopied sheets lying around that we always keep meaning to type up then this is a godsend. OCR or Optical Character Recognition has been steadily improving and there were some good online sites and software out there before the app revolution. Now however the process is so much easier. A quick picture of the requisite page taken with your ipad then run the image through Textgrabber or something similar and suddenly you have an easily manipulable block of text. Great for typed student essays too. However where I find myself most using it is when there is a terrific bit of text on the kindle app that I would love to cut and paste, suddenly, nearly as quickly, it can be clipped and put into a document for my students. I’m sure there are legal ramifications but it is so much easier than photocopying then photoshopping to develop a new resource.


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