The Great iPad experiment

Several months ago I got an iPad for use at school as part of a project to establish whether they would be more useful for the History department than having highly costly SMARTBoards installed as we have elsewhere in school. At £4000 per classroom for the board and installation compared with £350 and around £10 for AirServer (the software that links the iPad to the projector via the computer) the financial case makes itself. But how usable is the iPad as a teacher held device? And how many appropriate apps are there in the great apple ecosystem? And are any of them useful to a History teacher who already channels an awful lot of his teaching through online resources?

The short answers are Yes, Lots and reasonably. Over the next few weeks I hope to provide some decent feedback on what I’m using and how, and provide a resource for History teachers who are underwhelmed by the extensive app lists out there that just offer timelines and revision guides (I’m looking at you BBC Active).


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