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History websites either seem to cater to the content consumer with videos, text and flashy animations or to the content creator in terms of sites for educators. Those that offer any form of discussion rarely hit academically challenging heights. So thank goodness for the sub-reddit /askhistorians. Those of you that know reddit will be aware of the fact that there are many good reasons for keeping it blocked in school, nevertheless if it is at all possible opening up to your students and allowing them to benefit from posing complex historical questions and reading informed debate as to the answers could be tremendously beneficial. Many of the questions form possible research areas for coursework and for IB History students there is a huge amount of TOK material there to be discussed, a sample question,

Why are the Nazis considered THE symbol of evil, whereas the Imperial Japanese and the Soviet Russians are largely ignored, despite having committed similar atrocities?

has over 200 replies some of which delve into areas as diverse as national psychology and the nature of historical interpretations. It’s worth a lunch-break of anyone’s time.



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