The Power of #hashtags

I’ve blogged a little before about the amazing power of twitter and it has been brought home to me again of late as the result of two incidents, one huge, one tiny. The events in Tunisia and Egypt are, of course the huge one, and reflect how information is freeing itself from the control of governments. The tiny one is the fact that I have a friend staying at the moment who is coming to my school tomorrow to observe. She’s doing a PGCE in English and I wanted to show her the power of twitter so posted a quick query to my PLN (Personal Learning Network ie. people I who follow me on twitter) about which would be the best hashtags for English teachers. The result was exceptionally swift and accurate and came from @lmsahistory, a history teacher in Chicago. Amazing and par for the course for the twitterati.

The experience got me thinking about the usefulness of hashtags in finding information and people to follow on twitter, I certainly found the service useless until I started following the right threads and hence found the right people, so I thought I’d blog some of the useful hashtags I’ve found in case anyone else is searching:
Education Technology
#edtech #ukedchat

#historyteacher #sschat

#politicsteacher (although I think there are only a few of us using this!

MFL teaching

English Language & Literature
#englishteacher #engchat

Those are the ones that spring to mind, I’ll add more to this post as I come across them.


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