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David Mitchell on American English

A nice video for TOK teaching that highlights both the need for language to evolve but also the prevalence of contradictory phrases in the US.


Jesse Schell TED talk on the coming ubiquity of gaming

This is an astonishing talk about how the creeping advance of socialised gaming (think Farmville etc.) will explode when the world around us becomes internet enabled (ie. when products and sensors on our bodies can talk to each other. A side issue that is touched on involves the work Lee Sheldon has done in changing the grading system he uses for his classes to a more games oriented one. Well worth 28 minutes of anyone’s time.

Interesting website/blog for TOK Student and Teachers run by @Elvira has some useful quotes, links and advice for TOK students

Charlie Brooker on how to do TV news feature

Brilliant analysis from Brooker’s NewsWipe show of how TV news now works

Time magazines websites and blogs of 2009

I usually check this as soon as it comes out and update my bookmarks accordingly, then, later in the year, remember something hazily and spend ages trying to track it down via the Time website. It strikes me it might be easier to just post them up for the benefit of readers of this blog and myself.

50 Best Websites and 25 Best Blogs for 02009.

A Visual Study Guide to Cognitive Biases

Scribd presentationA great presentation hosted on scribd and which came to my attention from the ever reliable I won’t pretend I understand all of it but huge potential for TOK and Critical Thinking teachers along with some useful inspiration for lesson starters.

Cognitive Biases – A Visual Study Guide by the Royal Society of Account Planning


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