Is Web 2.0 ‘pathetic’?

Jaron Lanier makes some interesting comments in an article in today’s Independent about web2.0 arguing that it has taken away much of the creativity of the early web and replaced it with ill thought out musings. He goes on to suggest that it could make all middle-class professions redundant. His case, with obvious connections to Wells’ Time Machine is nicely summed up here.
“And when something new is created on the web, it’s often a banal “mashup” of old culture. Lanier likens the people who create these mashups to salvagers picking over a garbage dump. It is only in the old-world economy – the world of books, films and newspapers – that original content is being created. But Web 2.0 is steadily undermining the old-world economy in favour of one based on free content and selling social graphs to advertisers.”
Perhaps he needs to pay closer attention to the work that teachers are doing with web 2.0, or maybe he has!


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