Feb and groovy

It seems an age since I was at BETT and blogged about all the good stuff that was there but it was barely three weeks. In the intervening time I’ve been remarkably busy with AS History marking, school mocks, preparation for an interview (not bad, find out Friday, thanks for asking) and heaps of lesson planning. The moments where I have had none of the above on, or am taking a break, have largely found me on Tweetdeck, the application that has opened the incredible world of Twitter up to me. As a result I thought it might be worth sharing the steps I have taken to become immersed in the world of Twitter and benefit from the remarkable CPD it provides.

Step 1: Sign up at Twitter.com – effectively this is the last time you should use this site.
Step 2: Download the Tweetdeck application from tweetdeck.com – this is what you’ll use to search twitter and to follow people.

Now you’re ready to go, tweetdeck acts in a similar way to your email client (Outlook etc.) you have it open (or minimised) on the desktop and whenever there is a tweet for you an alert pops up.  The quantity and usefulness of these tweets now depends on who you are following. To follow people search for them using the quickprofile icon (top left). There are lots of interesting people on twitter but also a host of dullards, charlatans and spammers so you have to choose carefully who you follow. For what it’s worth these are the people I find most useful; @russeltarr, @dajbelshaw, @misterhistory and @ianyorston. If you start by finding and following them then it’s a fairly intuitive process to pick up others of interest (and if you want a laugh try following @serafinowicz.


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