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Good, Better, BETT

After the rest of my E-learning geek colleagues decided a bit of snow was sufficient to deter them from getting a minibus down to BETT this year I had to go it alone and brave the 05.15 National Express coach from Cheltenham station. So glad I did. It was an excellent show with particularly impressive work being done by Microsoft, their new Office 2010 suite promises to offer collaboartive word documents to replace the increasingly flaky Clickview have also added an embedding feature which means I won’t have to scour youtube for useful clips anymore and can repurpose our massive and dormant video library. There was great news from the people that make our library software Oliver about plans to create an amazon-esque book review function which would allow us to leverage students knowledge of the quality materials in our library and some nice work being done on history gaming, along with an awesome new politics resource from the Parliament team, ‘MP for a Week’. All of this and now the live TeachMeet being streamed into my room.


How to blog (tips for myself!)

Nice post on how to blog which I’m including for personal reference in order to improve my practice.


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