Tweets hit the fans

I’ve re-engaged with Twitter over the last few weeks with the discovery that the website is actually useless for getting the most out of the service. When I started employing tweetdeck and following the suggestions for getting the most out of twitter provided by this mashable guide it has proven to be the best cpd move I have ever made. With all this in mind then I’d like to highlight an excellent online publication that showcases what twitter can do. #movemeon (hashtags, ie. text with the addition of a ‘#’ at the start are a clever way of enabling people to quickly aggregate tweets on a subject they are interested in.  So searching on #historyteacher brings all the tweets back that have #historyteacher in them, once a hashtag is well established other users employ it) was a hashtag employed by a group of teachers to suggest ideas for improving teaching practice, both virtual and realworld that could be shared within the 140 character twitter limit. The best of these have now been collated into a free online publication, titled #movemeon, edited by  Doug Belshaw and Stuart Ridout which is by turns practical and inspirational and testament to the brilliance of twitter at leveraging the abilities and enthusiasms of the mass of brilliant teachers out there. My heartfelt thanks to all involved.


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