Bus(y/i)ness and blogging

Loads of e-learning experiences this week, isn’t it odd how when you are genuinely busy there is less time to blog whereas when you’re blogging you often feel genuinely busy. In my case at least. On Tuesday I was up in Birmingham at Microsoft Innovators in Education forum, a lavish affair full of genuine early adopters but the limited pool of schools from which the speakers and winners came suggests that the e-learning pioneers (in this case saltash.net and Twynham School and the Shirelands Academy) are leaving the rest of us behind. Interestingly saltash won a host of awards despite using Moodle for the bulk of their online learning. This either suggests that MS are being very open and democratic in their promotion of online learning or that their platform isn’t yet delivering in schools.

Second up was our preliminary meeting for Gloucestershire TeachMeet which, whilst not as well attended as I would have liked, did generate a flood of good ideas and a promise to take things forward. I’m reading Daniel Pink’s book ‘The Adventures of Johnny Bunko’ and this has been both inspiring and timely. Lesson 5 came to mind on Thursday!


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