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Not yet drowning

I had an invite to Google Wave at the weekend (thanks Ed) and have been looking at the public waves and seeing some very impressive stuff. But, without a decent sized group of people you know to collaborate with it doesn’t really come alive. Fortunately it appears that you are given eight invites to spread the word so if anyone wants one please feel free to give me a shout.


Waving hello to SMS

Having watched some of the videos introductions to Google Wave it’s power as a collaborative note-taking and essay writing tool for teachers of humanities subjects seems very exciting but getting access to begin experimenting with what it can do has been very frustrating. So I’ve come up with an alternative. In my current school we are both blessed and cursed with technically literate and wealthy student so Blackberrys and iphones are ubiquitous. While there is a blanket ban on them being used in school I though I would attempt a Wave-esque exercise by getting groups of three from my politics set to produce an essay on ‘Have Prime Ministers become more Presidential in recent years?’ using Blackberry Messenger, SMS or another mobile technology. The learning goal being to force them to break down their work into sections where one student makes a point, the next provides evidence, the third explains the evidence and the first then links it bakc to the question. I’ve no idea how this will work but I have high hopes that it will make essay structure more obvious to those who are currently struggling.

Doomsday Book and ICT

A wonderful clip put together for BBC Radio 4 Comedy Show ‘Happy Mondays’ which could form the basis of a new GCSE entitled Loss of Data Records through time.

Prospective TeachMeet conference

I’ve stumbled upon the concept of TeachMeet an ‘unconference’ where teachers with an interest in e-learning get together for short form presentations and general networking. Inspired with enthusiasm I’m now trying to set one up for January 2010 in the Gloucestershire area so if you’re interested please leave a comment to that effect. if you don’t know what TeachMeet is then take a look at the video below.


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